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Instant Visibility. Instant Leads. Instant Sales.

Search Engine Marketing is exactly what its name implies – you’re paying for an advertising slot to market your business on search engines. How do you maximize the potential of that advertising slot? Finding the right ad funnels and building targeted audiences around demographics, services, seasonality and other campaign attributes is a complex process that our experienced search engine marketing strategists have mastered.

Paid search campaigns are the fastest method of reaching potential customers when they search for your products. Let the experts at Vive Le Rock Productions create a paid search campaign for your business.

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Doing It Right

With an enhanced understanding of how your customers engage on social media, we can create micro-targeted campaigns on your behalf, reaching a hyper-relevant segment of your customers.

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What Do You Get With Paid Search Engine Campaigns?

  • High-Level Campaign Strategy & Execution

  • Competitor Analysis & Industry Research

  • Ad Copy Creation & Testing

  • Dedicated account manager, paid expert and creative team

  • Detailed Human Analysis & Custom Consulting

  • Regular Exploration Of New Markets & Mediums

  • Extensive Keyword Research

  • Sale, Lead, & Call Tracking

  • 24/7 Campaign Tracking

  • Flexible, Custom Reporting

  • Access To Exclusive AdWords Beta Opportunities

  • Geotargeting & Dayparting Analysis

Social Media Advertising

Social media holds the key to millions of user feeds every single day of the year. We know that 1.7 billion people use Facebook every month, plus another 500 million people access Instagram. That includes 83 percent of all Americans! Social media has ads have also changed the way people are willing to use their phones with 1 in 5 saying that they use their phones to make purchases.

With so many customers ripe for the picking, V Digital Services uses quantitative data provided by users’ own profile inputs to optimize ad targeting. With the help of Facebook and other social sites, we can place ads in front of the most-qualified customers and earn you a much higher return on your ad spend.

Our team will guide you through creating highly effective ad campaigns by using proven methods to make your content and images stand out in the fast-paced environment where they are placed. We will continue to monitor impressions and click-through rate to optimize your ads on an ongoing basis for best results. Advertising on social media is just one way we can help you expand your reach to customers who are very receptive to new information.

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Video Advertising

  • Social media isn’t the only part of the web getting a ton of attention these days. YouTube is racking up more and more views with viral videos. YouTube has taken great pains to develop a robust video advertising program that allows companies to get their name out – similar to traditional commercial spots on TV. You can advertise on YouTube with either banner ads that appear inside the playback window or with short video ads of your own that play between user videos.

  • V Digital Services is here to help you take advantage of the effectiveness of YouTube ads by creating short video clips that can be played before users can see their videos. We can also help design static ads for banner areas. Similar to social media, YouTube offers many targeting tools that allow you to direct your ads based upon profile information and recently viewed videos. We can help you set up target audiences and set a daily budget that dictates how often your ads will appear. Our team will use a combination of YouTube’s six advertising formats to reach your audience successfully and get your name out there.​

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Increase Awareness.

Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy that can deliver unmatched ROI, but with more than 200 ranking factors in Google’s ever-evolving algorithm, it’s no longer something that your computer-savvy nephew can do for you.

Drive More Leads.

Vive Le Rock Productions understands that your business is unique — so your SEO strategy should be unique, too. We can help increase the visibility of your content across various search engines and devices using a customized approach. Maybe you’ve been burned by SEO companies in the past, but at VLR, transparency is our core value. You’ll know what we do and why we do it every step of the way.

Sell More Stuff.

Our SEO team is comprised of versatile digital marketing experts that are Google Analytics certified. We have your back on the digital frontier. We’re not just your SEO company, we’re your co-collaborators and partners for web success.

Vive Le Rock Productions Services

No matter what kind of advertising you are planning, V Digital Services can help you plan a thorough marketing strategy that includes everything from AdWords to paid social media advertising as well as YouTube and traditional display ads. Contact us today to start planning your next big campaign!

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